We are a specialized manufacturer of a wide range of gluten-free & lactose-free products

SAPIDUM is a specialized manufacturer of a wide range of gluten-free and lactose-free products. We are a trusted partner of leading European gluten-free producers, extending their portfolio with our in-house developed products, thus acting as an independent private label manufacturer.

SAPIDUM operations are a continuation of gluten-free production of Klasje, from Celje, Slovenia, which stretches over 25 years. We turned a new page in 2016 with the establishment of SAPIDUM, proudly preserving the legacy of production of high quality gluten-free products in Celje.  We are firmly focused on further growth and development of our operations, assortment of products and production capacities & technology.

We are producing a range of gluten-free and lactose-free products, based on in house development and tight cooperation with our clients, with a dedicated experienced team of 30 specialized professionals. We are able to adapt to changes in end customers demand, market trends and local market specifics, using tested gluten-free ingredients and innovative formulas.

Part of our products contains palm oil; we use only RSPO certified palm oil. We have developed also palm oil free versions for part of our products.

In December 2016 we have obtained ORGANIC certification and some of our products are already available also in organic versions.

A strong group of long-term B2B clients from different European countries, all specialized in gluten-free, health & functional food products are our main proof of quality and reliability. With their support are our products available on shelfs in most European markets.

Product range

All our products do not contain gluten and are suitable for individuals, who suffer from wheat protein absorption disorder (celiac disease).

All our products do not contain gluten and are suitable for individuals, who suffer from wheat protein absorption disorder (celiac disease). As our products are also milk and lactose free they are suitable for even a greater number of individuals. A growing number of people is becoming more conscious of their food, ingredients and food allergies. As our aim is to produce products enabling consumers with special nutritional needs a tasty and healthy diet, we are also serving the needs a much broader group of customers.

Our products are made of quality ingredients that are mixed according to our own recipes, and contain a minimum amount of unnecessary additives (emulsifiers, thickeners and preservatives).

We have the capacities and know how to produce and adapt to market needs in a wide range of products. Our core competences are in production of sandwich biscuits with different fillings, other biscuits, cookies with fillings made from fresh fruit and prepacked bread.

More about products

Our fillings for sandwich biscuits are made with carefully chosen ingredients – our basic goal is highest quality and natural home-made flavour without added artificial colours and preservatives. Sandwich biscuits are filled with fillings made from fresh fruits or cream with added vanilla or cocoa, also in tasty combinations.

Varieties: bourbon biscuits, dark black biscuits with vanilla cream, ballerina biscuit, jammy wheels biscuit, white sandwich biscuits with cocoa cream.

Fillings: vanilla cream, fruit filling with raspberry, cocoa, vanilla, orange, lemon, strawberry, …

Bourbon sandwich biscuits are rectangular in shape, cocoa-brown color with a visible sign of Bourbon. Sandwich biscuits are filled with cocoa cream. Bourbon gluten-free cookies are fragile, taste and have aroma of cocoa.

Dark black biscuit with vanilla cream sandwich biscuits are round, deep brown, filled with white cream. Dark black biscuit with vanilla cream cookies have a crisp, pleasant scent and flavor of vanilla. Cocoa tastes slightly bitter. Different recipies available.

Jammy Wheels sandwich biscuits are lovely round, bright, pale yellow color, filled with deep red plum filling and flavored with raspberries. Jammy Wheels gluten-free sandwich biscuits are crisp, fruity filling is adding a pleasant smell and taste.

Sandwich biscuits with cocoa cream are of cute round shape, very bright, pale and yellow color. Biscuits are filled with cocoa cream; fragile, with stunning flavor and aroma of cocoa.

Some of our sandwich cookies are also developed in sugar-free versions and in organic certified versions. Also larger size sandwich biscuits are available.

Quality and certificates

The production process in our gluten-free production facility in Celje, Slovenia, is strictly monitored to assure that all ingredients and final products are 100% gluten-free and safe for consumption of people intolerant to gluten.

Apart from strict internal quality standard assurance, SAPIDUM possesses independent third party certificates ensuring we are entitled to produce gluten-free products with 100% guarantee.

BRC & IFS Standards of Food Safety are two essential high food standards for suppliers and retail, ensuring food safety.

EC regulation 41/2009 defines the composition and labelling of foodstuff for people intolerant to gluten: gluten free or very low gluten content foodstuff:

In all our products content of gluten is less than 5 milligram per kilo (quantification limit), thus labelled as gluten-free products with 100 % guarantee.

To comply with the standards set by the industry we operate the most stringent controls.  Batches of ingredients and all batches of finished goods are tested in our in-house laboratory.  Products, procedures and machinery are constantly monitored to ensure they meet standards of quality control. Internal traceability of ingredients and products is supported by a specialized IT software. Samples of our products are also regularly tested by an independent third party certified laboratory.

Our internal production control of gluten free products is based on:




RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard guarantees that palm oil which is used in our production is RSPO certified palm oil and that our production meets the RSPO standards for supply chain. Supply chain model assessed: Mass Balance.


Since December 2016 we are able to offer organic certified gluten-free and lactose-free products. Our organic assortment is for now including:

Please contact us directly for more information and update on current developings in this field.

We are happy to inform you that Sapidum will present our products at

- Anuga 2021, 09th to 13th of October 2021, Cologne, Germany

- Free From Food & Health Ingredients 2021 – 23rd to 24th of November, Amsterdam, Netherlands

- PLMA’s World of Private Label 2022, 31st of May – 1st of June 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands

- Free From Food & Health Ingredients 2022 – 7th to 8th of June 2022, Barcelona, Spain

The activity was selected for co-financing in the Public tender for co-financing individual appearances of companies at international fairs abroad in the years 2019-2022. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Operacija je bila za sofinanciranje izbrana na Javnem razpisu za sofinanciranje individualnih nastopov podjetij na mednarodnih sejmih v tujini v letih 2019-2022. Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska Unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.




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